Meet Sarah


Who I am:

Hello! I’m Sarah Gantt, a Savannah native, and my journey into the birth world began when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I submerged myself in anything involving birth and unknowingly was using GentleBirth techniques to prepare for labor. 2 years later and one month after a magical home water birth with my second daughter, I felt drawn to become a doula so I can educate and help families achieve the birth they desire. After only a few months in the doula world I was introduced to a childbirth education program called GentleBirth. I resonated so strongly with their approach I again felt drawn to become an instructor. I would have never thought this would be my passion, but the birth of my daughters changed me. The experiences opened me up to the inner strength and power we all have. As of February 2019 I stopped taking on Doula clients to pursue another career but will continue to teach childbirth education.

I am a former certified birth doula with DONA International, certified childbirth educator with GentleBirth, and a certified lover of life.

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a trained non-medical birth professional who offers informational, emotional, and physical support to women during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. We are here to help give mothers the positive birth experience they desire. There are several ways to have a baby so our job is to inform our clients of all the options available during pregnancy, provide comfort measures and constant support during labor and birth, and assist with breastfeeding in the first couple of hours postpartum.

Benefits of a Doula:

  • Shorter Labor with fewer complications
  • Decrease the need for epidural and narcotic pain relief
  • Decrease the chance of Cesarean section
  • Decrease the use of assisted delivery with forceps/vacuum
  • Decrease the use of pitocin
  • Improve breastfeeding
  • Increase satisfaction with birth

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