GentleBirth Childbirth Classes


What is GentleBirth?

GentleBirth was founded by Irish midwife Tracy Donegan in 2006 and has since grown to become a global leader in childbirth education. This program combines brain science, birth science, and technology to empower positive birth through preparation. Areas of focus include education in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and sports psychology, all of which are backed by evidence based research and client testimonials.

How is GentleBirth unique?

Most childbirth education is centered around the physiological side of childbirth and not on how a woman in labor should cope. GentleBirth gives you brain training exercises as well as physical comfort measures and education on how to navigate your birth options. It aims to build emotional resilience within the birthing woman and provide the confidence to know what options are available for her and her baby.

Is there a GentleBirth app?

Yes there is! Every pregnant person needs to have this app. It is loaded with tons of tracks to listen to aimed at several topics related to your pregnancy and birth experience. There are some that go beyond into breastfeeding and parenting. If reading is more your style there is a nifty guidebook with all the main points to help you achieve your calm, confident, gentle birth. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

How long is the workshop?

Typically it is a 2-day weekend workshop but it can be condensed into one day or spread out over a weekend or a couple of weekends. Depending on class size, the 2 day workshop can take anywhere from 3-6 hours each day with the one day class lasting about 8 hours.

How often do you hold a class?

Once a month a weekend workshop will be held but I can do a private class as well in your home at a time that would suit your needs. Contact me for details or book your workshop with me here.