My Birth Philosophy

I believe that all healthy women with normal uncomplicated pregnancies have the ability to naturally birth their babies without the use of medical interventions.

I believe that research supports the reality that both a mother’s body as well as her baby will initiate the beginning of labor when the baby is ready to be born and that women should not have their labor induced for any elective reason unless the health of the woman or baby is found to be in immediate danger if the pregnancy is allowed to continue.

I believe women are entitled to complete, accurate, and up-to-date information that is supported by evidenced based research on their full range of options, including all procedures, drugs, and tests suggested for use during pregnancy, birth, post-partum and breastfeeding.

I believe the use of movement and gravity as well as hydration and nourishment will allow baby to descend most effectively while keeping mom’s energy level up. Laying down for several hours and depriving the laboring mother of food is counterintuitive to the birthing process.

I believe that maternity care practice should not be based on the needs of the caregiver or provider, but solely on the needs of the mother and child.

I believe the benefits of breastfeeding are incredibly important to the long term health outcomes of you and your baby.