Helpful Websites

Savannah Area Birth Professionals
Evidence Based Birth
Spinning Babies
The Miles Circuit
Pregnancy Health Guide: First Trimester to Breastfeeding

During Pregnancy

Group B Strep
Gestational Diabetes

Newborn Procedures

Erythromycin Eye Ointment
Evidence for the Vitamin K Shot in newborns
Hepatitis B Vaccine
The Circumcision Decision

Labor, Induction, & Augmentation

Evidence for Pushing Positions
Failure to Wait: A look at cesareans
Inducing labor for going past due date
Complete Guide on Inductions

Birth Videos

Sarah’s Home Birth of Hazel 12-16-15
Natural Birth in Nature
Home water birth using music and essential oils
10 Tips for Natural Birth
Natural hospital birth
Hospital Birth with Epidural

How a Doula can help you

The Evidence for Doulas

Midwives in the Savannah Area

The Midwife Group and Birth Center – Freestanding Birth Center
Dar a Luz – Meka Hall – Home Birth / Water Birth